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ACT Protective Services LLC continually strives to exceed the demands of both Individual and Group Security requirements. Professional discretion is our hallmark.

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Executive Protection (EP)

Whether the request is from an Individual, Group, for a Special Event or Private Function, or a long-term Campaign security detail is necessary, an ACT Security Advisor or a full team will be engaged.

Scenarios of EP may include, but are not limited to:Whether the request is from an individual or company, for a special event or long term detail, ACT Protective Services is prepared to meet your security needs. Home or abroad.


- we provide security for special events as well as motorcade operations for inventory transfer.


- Site inspections, develop and implement security plans, work to establish protocols to help mitigate risks in the work place.


- Provided to law enforcement, corporate or private industry. 


- We can provide teams to do investigation, gather intel or complete advance work for meetings, campaign events, as well asclear event venues before client arrives, ensuring a more secure environment


- We can provide teams trained in anti-piracy techniques and asset protection while on board.


- We can provide limited shift or 24 hour security for businesses, construction sites, housing complexes, special events, etc.


ACT Protective Services LLC offers client based and/ or family training from basic to advanced, for those individuals who prefer to play a more active role in their protection. For more information on training -

Violent Protective Orders

Offering client threat assessment, followed by security recommendations, is often a requirement when faced with securing a Protective Order. ACT Protective Services LLC may provide 24 hour security, daily escort services (to and from work, school, court, etc.), all the while focused on providing our client with a level of comfort, often during what is undoubtedly an intensely emotional time.

Together, with over 20 years of experience and our combined backgrounds/training, ACT Protective Services LLC is confident in our ability to provide our clients with the level of security they expect and deserve.