ACT has been operating in the Massachusetts and New Hampshire cannabis industry since 2017, providing all aspects of physical security.

ACT guards are the first to make contact with your customers, we take that seriously. Our guards are trained in standard security protocols and the specific concerns of the client as well as customer service. They are trained to be pleasant while maintaining a confident, professional demeanor. 

  •  Cultivation facility: ACT guards provide command center functions access control, employee, visitor, and contractor badging, CCTV monitoring, and product delivery coordination.
  •  Dispensary: ACT guards provide a physical presence at the entrance, checking IDs, customer service, and controlling parking lots.
  •  Product and cash operations: ACT provides transportation of products, deposits, and change orders.

- ACT is a preferred vendor for "Needham Bank“, formerly Century Bank, however, we can work with any financial institution the client prefers.