Power Grid Security

If your Power Grid has had a Threat and Vulnerability Assessment completed and it has been determined that physical security is necessary, ACT can be of service.

  • An ACT representative would welcome the opportunity to schedule a meeting and discuss this. 
  •  ACT is familiar with the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency's February 16, 2023 article, 1."Electricity Substation Physical Security ".
  • We have experience providing security for clients with elevated safety concerns using randomized foot and vehicle patrols, CCTV and access control.
  • We provide both electronic and written logs. The logs will comprise key use out/in, any incident or anomaly as well as standard foot and vehicle patrols. 
  •  Guards are trained in standard security protocols, customer service and the clients specific concerns. Armed guards receive further training including de-escalation techniques, range training and bi-annual firearms qualification.
  •  Guards are issued body armor and body worn cameras. Guards operating in low light conditions would be issued a night vision monocular. 
  • ACT is on a GSA schedule


Sector Spotlight: Electricity Substation Physical Security

 "Electricity Substation Physical Security is a Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) and Department of Energy (DOE) co-branded product that provides owners, operators, and stakeholders with updated threat information and protective measures that can help improve a substation’s on-site physical security. The product also provides resources to guide in the awareness of the threat environment facing electrical substations, the implementation of protective physical security measures, and options for a layered security strategy that will ultimately reduce or minimize the impact of an attack."

    Sector Spotlight: Electricity Substation Physical Security, February 16, 2023