Power Grid Security

 ACT can provide all aspects of power grid security. 

ACT provides security:

  1. Interior (inside the wire) site security including access control, monitoring CCTV and intrusion detection devices, and foot patrols.
  2. Exterior (outside the wire) site security including vegetation management, limiting lines of site and pushing the exterior footprint out, and vehicle patrols.
  3. Mitigate theft and vandalism. 

ACT guards are trained in standard security protocols, customer service, de-escalation techniques, and the client's specific concerns. We can provide armed or unarmed guards. ACT is on a GSA schedule.

Grid Security | American Public Power Association

The electric sector has mandatory and enforceable federal regulatory standards in place for cyber and physical security (collectively known as grid security). Close coordination among industry and government partners at all levels is imperative to deterring attacks and preparing for emergency situations.


Sector Spotlight: Electricity Substation Physical Security

 "Electricity Substation Physical Security is a Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) and Department of Energy (DOE) co-branded product that provides owners, operators, and stakeholders with updated threat information and protective measures that can help improve a substation’s on-site physical security. The product also provides resources to guide in the awareness of the threat environment facing electrical substations, the implementation of protective physical security measures, and options for a layered security strategy that will ultimately reduce or minimize the impact of an attack."

    Sector Spotlight: Electricity Substation Physical Security, February 16, 2023