Residential Community Security

ACT works with residential communities providing all aspects of security. 

  • ACT provides exterior foot, vehicle patrols, door checks, vehicle checks and log reports. All information that should be passed on to management will be entered in the log and a copy will be forwarded to management at end of shift for possible action.
  •  ACT can provide interior security as well, controlling access, monitoring CCTV and alarm systems.  


Why Is Security Important?

"Building security is important because it is a way for companies to protect themselves, their property, assets, and building occupants from malicious security threats. Even residential building managers and owners should take building security seriously, as over a million property crimes occurred in 2021, according to the Quarterly Uniform Crime Report released by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)."

  1. A Simple Guide to Building Security, Safety Culture, April 21,2023

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