Retail Site Security

ACT provides all aspects of physical security for retail sites. Services frequently requested include providing a physical presence at entrances, loss prevention, maintenance/construction protection, overnight or during operational hours. 

  • An ACT representative would welcome the opportunity to meet with you and discuss your concerns. Following that, we can create a scope of work for discussion. If approved, we can initiate the agreed upon security procedures immediately.
  • Our guards are trained in all standard security protocols, customer service de-escalation techniques and the clients specific concerns.
  • ACT has extensive experience in loss prevention. The guard can be uniformed or plain clothed depending on the client's wishes. A guard can post at the entrance/exit of the store providing a physical presence that creates a deterrent. A plain clothed guard can perform patrols in the high loss areas. 
  •  All guards have a 2-way radio, remote microphone and ear bud. This allows staff to alert the guard of a potential theft in progress. 
  •  ACT can also provide security during construction when the store is open for business or overnight. The guard controls access to the entrance or loading dock, allowing only authorized workers into the store.



 "As retailers increasingly adopt the latest digital technologies to engage with customers and streamline operations, it is essential that physical security not be overlooked. In an age of civil unrest, riots, looting, and organized retail crime (ORC), ensuring optimal physical security measures at each store location should be a top priority for retail loss prevention professionals.

With the right combination of tools and protocols in place, you can protect your business assets while giving customers peace of mind that they are safe in your stores. Let’s look at why physical security matters in today’s ever-evolving retail security landscape."

   The Importance of Physical Security in an AGE of Cyber Threats to Retailers, NGS, March 15, 2023