Corporate and Industrial Security

ACT provides all aspects of physical security in both corporate and industrial facilities. We have experience with command center duties, CCTV, access control, GPS monitoring of transports, shipping and receiving.

  •  An ACT representative would welcome a meeting with you to discuss your needs and concerns. We would complete a building security assessment. Based on that information and your concerns, we can create a scope of work to share with the you for discussion and approval. ACT is also on a GSA schedule.
  •  ACT currently provides all aspects of physical security to a wide variety of clients. We operate command center operations, providing 24-hour CCTV monitoring, access control, employee, visitor and contractor badging and security escorts.
  • ACT has extensive experience with alarm systems, GPS vehicle tracking systems, electronic door controls and employee tracking within the facility. We maintain digital and written logs to meet state and federal requirements.
  • ACT guards are experienced with shipping and receiving, from packages to trailer loads. 
  • ACT guards are trained is standard security protocols, customer service, de-escalation techniques and the client specific concerns.
  • ACT is also on a GSA schedule.
  • ACT currently provide FIRE WATCH for several clients


Why Is Facility Security Important?

 "Building security is important because it is a way for companies to protect themselves, their property, assets, and building occupants from malicious security threats. Even residential building managers and owners should take building security seriously, as over a million property crimes occurred in 2021, according to the Quarterly Uniform Crime Report released by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)."


   A Simple Guide to Building Security, Safety Culture, April 21, 2023