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Published April 19, 2024

Trans teen allegedly plotted mass shootings at two schools in twisted plot to become "famous"

A transgender Maryland teenager has been arrested for allegedly planning a mass shooting at two schools in a twisted effort to become “famous.”
Alex Ye, 18, of Rockville, whose legal name is Andrea, was arrested Wednesday and charged with threatening mass violence after allegedly authoring a 129-page document that the suspect referred to as a “memoir,” according to ABC News.
Authorities said the writing was about committing mass shootings at Wootton High School, which Ye had attended online, and Lakewood Elementary School.
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Alex Ye, 18, is charged with threatening mass violence.Montgomery County Department of Police
Ye allegedly told his former school counselor that he wanted to become “famous from this event,” according to the outlet.
The student had claimed the memoir was a work of fiction — which included a disclaimer that it doesn’t “represent the author’s beliefs” — but a person with whom the student shared the document alerted authorities because it bore “striking similarities” to the writer.
The witness believed Ye —  who is biologically female but identifies as male — was prepared to carry out the attacks shortly, according to the news outlet.
“I want to shoot up a school. I’ve been preparing for months. The gun is an AR-15. This gun is going to change lives tomorrow … As I walk through the hallways, I cherry pick the classrooms that are the easiest targets,” Ye allegedly wrote, WBAL-TV reported.
“I need to figure out how to sneak the gun in. I have contemplated making bombs. The instructions to make them are surprisingly available online. I have also considered shooting up my former elementary school because little kids make easier targets,” the student allegedly continued.
“High school’s the best target; I’m the most familiar with the layout. I pace around my room like an evil mastermind. I’ve put so much effort into this. My ultimate goal would be to set the world record for the most amount of kills in a shooting. If I have time, I’ll try to decapitate my victims with a knife to turn the injuries into deaths,” the screed allegedly says.
According to court documents cited by ABC News, the witness told authorities that the writing was about “a transgender main character” named “James Wang” who was “being bullied in school and other issues that [the witness] believed were directly from Ye’s life and not indicative of fiction.”
Police said they found worrisome social media posts and internet searches by Ye, including allegedly searching “gun range near me,” descriptions of an AR-15 and the phrase “But, I do recognize that my plan is fully unethical. It’s selfish and evil,” according to the outlet.
Chat records allegedly show the suspect discussing thoughts of shooting up his school with another person in September.

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Thomas S. Wootton High SchoolGoogle St View
“My homicidal ideation has been getting worse lately to the point I might act on it eventually,” Ye allegedly wrote in December.
“I’d want to kill a lot of people or it wouldn’t be worth it,” the suspect said in another message that month, according to officials.
There’s no allegation that Ye had possession of any firearms up to the time of his arrest, ABC News reported.
The person who shared the manifesto with Baltimore cops on March 3 and Ye both received treatment at a psychiatric facility in Maryland, WJLA reported.
Ye started receiving mental health treatment in December 2022 after making alleged threats, according to the outlet.

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Ye’s “memoir” described carrying out the attacks with an AR-15.AFP via Getty Images
Rockville City police were later contacted and conducted a welfare check on Ye, whose father allegedly told them he was not concerned with his child’s mental status because he was certain the teen would contact their therapist, WJLA said.
The Montgomery County school district called the charges “extremely serious.”

“Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) is aware of the arrest of a student from Thomas S. Wootton High School by the Montgomery County Police Department (MCPD). The charges are extremely serious, involving alleged threats to harm others,” it said, WBAL-TV reported.




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